Man apprehended over connection with RAW

HUB: Intel agencies have apprehended another person named “Sanobar” on charges of working for Indian Intel agency RAW. Sanobar has been transferred to unknown place for investigation. 

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اسلام آباد: دھرنا خاتمے کی ایک اور ڈیڈ لائن ختم

اسلام آباد کے ریڈ زون میں ممتاز قادری کے حق میں مذہبی جماعتوں کا دھرنا چوتھے روز میں داخل ہوگیا، دھرنے کے شرکا اور کومتی نمائندوں کے درمیان رات گئے تک جاری رہنے والا مذاکرات کا سلسلہ نتیجہ خیز ثابت نہ ہوسکا۔

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DG ISPR releases confession video of RAW agent

Director General Major General Asim Bajwa and Federal Minister for Information Pervez Rasheed today conducted a press conference regarding the captured RAW agent. In this press conference not only DG ISPR detailed about different confessions of Kulbhushan Yadev to Pakistani authorities. A 6 minute confession video was also presented to the press.

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Pakistan JIT visits IAF base at Pathankot

PATHANKOT: A five-member Pakistani joint investigation team (JIT) accompanied by Indian officials on Tuesday visited the “sanitised” areas at Pathankot airbase in connection with probe into the January 2 terror attack targeting the strategic installation.

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Pakistani JIT reaches India

The Pakistani Joint Investigation Team reached India to conduct it’s investigation. The team is being headed by IG CTD Rai Tahir. It comprises of members from ISI, IB and other important intelligence organizations. Team will start its probe tomorrow. 

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Pak probe team gets 7-day visa

New Delhi: As India cleared a seven-day visa for the Pakistani joint investigation team (JIT) arriving here on Sunday to probe the Pathankot attack, New Delhi is hoping the visit will help confirm the identity of the four Pakistani terrorists whose bodies were recovered from the encounter site.

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India: RAW agent has no link with govt

India seeks access to Kulbhushan Yadav, an alleged operative of India’s principal spy agency the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), arrested by Pakistan security forces on Thursday from Balochistan.

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