Mustafa Kamal

On 3rd March 2016 Mustafa Kamal (Former Mayor of Karachi, Pakistan) returned to Pakistan and severely criticized Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) for getting funds from RAW (Research & Analysis Wing; The intelligence agency of India), money laundering, inciting violence against the inhabitants of Karachi, the largest economic hub of Pakistan. Here is the timeline of the events that took place starting from his arrival.

24 March 2016 (Thursday): “Pak Sarzameen Party” gets its first office in Hyderabad. [Jang Live] [Jang] [Express]

23 March 2016 (Wednesday): Mustafa Kamal announces that the name of his party would be “Pakistan Sarzameen Party“. He announced the name in a press conference. He also said that his party will hold a public meeting in Bagh-e-Jinnah on 24th April. [Pakistan Today] [Samaa TV] [Dawn Live] [Express] [Dawn] [Dunya] [BBC] [Dawn Urdu]

23 March 2016 (Wednesday): An Anti-terrorism court of Karachi has issued non-bailable arrest warrants for Anees QaimKhani, Saleem Shahzad and Qadir Patel in case of providing medical assistance to the terrorists. Court ordered police to present the accused on 2nd April. [Express Live]

21 March 2016 (Monday): Anees Advocate (Former member Rabta Committee, Zonal Incharge) joins hands with Mustafa Kamal and others. [Jang] [Dawn Live] [Express] [Express] [Dunya]

20 March 2016 (Sunday): Imran Ismail (Senior leader of PTI) meets Anees Qaim Khani and Dr. Sagheer Ahmad. QaimKhani said that Imran Ismail didn’t meet for political reasons. Says the name of party would be announced on 23rd March. [Express] [Express] [Dawn Live]

19 March 2016 (Saturday): Mustafa Kamal decides to name his party “Pakistan Qoumi Movement“. Formal launch of the party will take place on 23rd March. [Dunya]

17 March 2016 (Thursday): “Karachi has seen enough violence. We will bring peace“, says Mustafa Kamal. Earlier the press conference, that had to be held was postponed till 21st March. [Express]

16 March 2016 (Wednesday): MQM’s former senator Dr. Muhammad Ali Barohi meets Mustafa Kamal. [E.T]

16 March 2016 (Wednesday): Name and Manifesto of the party to be announced on 23rd March, says Raza Haroon. [Jang Live]

10 March 2016 (Thursday): Waseem Aftab (Former head of KTC) and Iftikhar Ahmad (Member Provincial Assembly; Contested elections from PS 106) join hands with Mustafa Kamal. [Dawn] [Jang]

07 March 2016 (Monday): Sources claim that Mustafa Kamal and Anees QaimKhani can help Scotland Yard in investigations of the Imran Farooq Murder case. [Jang

07 March 2016 (Monday)Dr. Sagheer Ahmad (Former Provincial Minister for Health, Sindh Assembly) who contested elections on ticket of MQM from PS-117, parts his ways from MQM and joins hands with Mustafa Kamal’s party. [Sindh Assembly] [Dawn]

03 March 2016 (Thursday): MQM terminates basic membership of Mustafa Kamal and Anees QaimKhani. [Jang]

03 March 2016 (Thursday): Mustafa Kamal (Former Mayor of Karachi) returns to Karachi along with Anees QaimKhani (Former Convenor of Rabta Committee MQM) from Dubai and conducts a press conference in which he accuses MQM of having ties with the Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) along with other serious allegations of conspiring against the Mohajir nation and Pakistan. He also announced to launch his own party whose name he said will be announced later on.[Dawn] [Jang]